Our Farm Family

The farm is owned by Brandon & Nora Aker. Brandon’s mother Donna & step-father Tim started the business in 2001 on the family farm, located in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. In 2007, they turned the business over to Donna’s son Brandon; with his love for the business and it’s grounds they knew it would flourish in his capable hands. This little piece of heaven is the ideal place to raise beautiful Monarch butterflies. While the areas around the farm have long since been industrialized, our acreage is still home to an old barn, guinea hens, deer, racoons, turkeys, a bluetick hound and all sorts of wildlife. It’s a simple life that we all love. The farm is a family endeavor, with everyone pitching in and doing what needs to be done to make all who visit feel welcome and entertained as well as enlightened about butterflies.

Tim Pless 2/9/1961-11/22/2012 –¬†Forever in our hearts.

What We Believe

Our farm was built on the belief that too much commercialism and industrialization of the world has led to the needless destruction of the natural habitats of many animals and insects. Our goal and desire was to give something back to the world, and touch lives in the process.

We raise thousands of Monarchs each year and sell them to businesses and individuals for all kinds of special occasions. Released at weddings, the results are spectacular and forever remembered by guests. At funerals, the upward spiral of the beautiful Monarch represents the soul rising to the heavens after its sojourn on the earth. At graduations, the birth of maturity; at grand openings, the signifying of new beginnings. A butterfly for every special occasion!

So, whatever occasion you are thinking of celebrating by releasing a group of our butterflies, please remember that not only does the release at your special occasion  make it an event to remember, but you are a valued contributor to the conservation efforts for our wonderful Monarch friends.

We also are firm believers in educating the young concerning the plight of the butterfly. If we can reach these children and impress upon them the importance of saving natural habitats and respecting nature, the Monarch will not one day be a part of the endangered species list. And our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, will know the joy of chasing a beautiful butterfly across a lovely meadow one day.

We welcome school groups, day cares, camps and other organizations to come and visit the farm. Tours of the facilities can be scheduled, along with an age-appropriate lecture for students, complete with demonstrations of all stages of development: from the instar (caterpillar) stage, to the chrysalis, to the emergence of the brilliantly colored adult butterfly. Visitors can even hand feed the butters, too!