What You’ll See

**Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions the farm is now CLOSED for 2020. We plan to reopen April-14-2021! | We greatly appreciate your understanding & support as this pandemic continues to cripple small businesses such as ours!

We have a lovely farm in the country where your group can come and relax. Enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. Kids can play in the grassy fields. In the summer, they love to play under the misting pergola, which keeps them cool during their visit to our farm.

Good, old-fashioned fun. After the presentation and tour, bring a picnic basket and have your lunch in the country. The farms picnic & play areas are available for use until 12 p.m. each day a Family Show is offered (and each Wednesday during the month of July). The picnic and play areas are available for use after private tours during the week until 1 p.m. Be sure to check out our “Family Days” page to learn more about visiting without a group of 20+.

Helpful Tips: Butterflies love bright colors, keep that in mind when choosing your outfit for the visit! When on the farm you do NOT want to spray or use any type of bug spray or repellent; butterflies are bugs, and will not come to you with bug repellent on. We highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes when visiting the farm. The farm welcomes all customers, and considers itself handicap accessible; however all activities are outdoors and the farm’s terrain is all grass/gravel, so please consider your mobility needs prior to visiting. All activities are outdoors & weather permitting.

What You’ll Learn

We begin with our presentation which is a fun, fast-paced skit where the kids in the audience dress up, and enjoy learning about butterflies. You’ll learn the body parts of a butterfly, all about the life cycle, the Monarch migration, differences between moths and butterflies, and what the caterpillars eat.

Best of all, you’ll see all of this up close! There are eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis…all in our flight house for you to view. Plus everyone is able to hand feed the butterflies and get an up close look!

Admission is $8 per person, children under 2 years old are free, we accept all forms of payment.