Caterpillar Castles

Spring 2021 – SOLD OUT

Due to popular demand our Spring crop is now SOLD OUT! Email us to receive notifications for future crops:

These castles are actually a beautiful Curassavica plant (annual) with seeds of the Swamp (asclepias incarnata) milkweed plant (perennial) included, with 2 Monarch eggs on each plant. They are netted. Take them home, watch your eggs hatch into  caterpillars, grow very large and turn into chrysalis’, followed by the emergence of beautiful Monarch butterflies. Not to mention, you also now receive a “conservation pack”, ensuring you have everything you need to provide adequate care for your critters & allowing for future use in your garden!

Once the butterflies are born, take the netting off the plant, hand feed your butterflies, & release them into the environment. Hurray for you for contributing to the Monarch population — Monarchs are an endangered species — they need our help to continue to be around!



After you release your Monarchs, you can plant the milkweed in your garden. A nice sunny spot works best. Then every year the milkweed will come back, feeding Monarch caterpillars for generations! Cost for the entire kit complete with instructions is $25.00.

Caterpillar Castles are typically only available during the months of late April, May, & June at our 10 a.m. Saturday family shows (and during our Retail Plant sale hours on Saturdays while supplies last). If you are coming with a group tour during the week we must know the number of castles in your order at least 5 days prior. If you just want to purchase a castle and are not planning on coming for a show you must email or call to place an order and set up a time to pick up.

Teachers, this is a great way to enjoy the life cycle in your classroom – purchase several plants and caterpillars, watch the cycle, free your butterflies and plant your milkweed in the school’s garden so you can watch the process for years to come!

Remember the natural life cycle of the Monarch for our area begins in late April and ends in early October. Monarchs migrate to Mexico in October to overwinter. We do NOT have life cycle kits in the winter months. To order your caterpillar castles, please email us at or call 336-454-5651. These are pick up ONLY, we can NOT ship them.