The host plant for the Monarch caterpillar is milkweed. This is the only plant the caterpillar will eat. The monarch caterpillar must have milkweed to survive!

Milkweed Plants

Closed for 2021 – Email us for a Virtual Plant Catalog or to place your order: 

The farm is home to a host & nectar plant nursery producing plants that are beneficial to all pollinators. The farm has plants available for purchase such as, milkweed, butterfly bushes, & perennial nectaring flowers just to name a few. Our farm is one of the largest producers of milkweed in the area, unlike other nurseries our plants are grown chemical free, ensuring no harm to pollinators. Host & nectar plants currently available! Availability will be updated on our website & social media.

Typically, at any given time during our season (May through early October) we will have 1 or more varieties of milkweed for sale. Prices range from $14-$18.95 depending on size & variety.  Email or call 336-454-5651 to check availability. Get your pollinator garden started!! These plants do not include any butterfly eggs. You must purchase one of our Caterpillar Castle Life Cycle kits to have butterfly eggs already laid on your plant.