What Customers Are Saying…

Debbie C. (teacher)

I appreciate your efforts to make everything safe and fun for the children. I've told you this before, but this is always one of our favorite days of the school year.  It is always so magical for the children and such a worthwhile opportunity to learn about nature and develop respect for the world around us.

*Referring to field trips at the farm*

Shay Lancaster

Hi! I wanted to say thank you! I have 3 girls, ages 6, 10 and 12. We have LOVED watching our Caterpillar castle every day. We ended up with 2 caterpillars in our castle, and got to see one of the butterflies coming out of the chrysalis. We released both butterflies the past two days.
I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it. My girls have already told me they want to do it again next summer!

Susan Kirkman

Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying the "castle". I gave 2 as gifts and kept one for myself. There is currently one chrysalis and one caterpillar still eating. I look at the plant several times each day to see what is happening. I am hoping to release both monarchs in about a week!

The work you all do is important for the environment, and thus, for us humans. Thank You!

Andrea Nelson

Thank you for the beautiful butterflies for Daddy's funeral yesterday. They were all able to fly out, the first came out and went straight to the flower spray on the casket and the third one that came out landed on my head and stayed until all the rest flew out. I said that one was my dad hanging on to me.
Thanks again, it was beautiful!

Angela Ball

Thank you so much! The birthday party was fantastic. Our daughter said she felt like she was in a different world - Pixie Hollow or a secret garden! We love fun and education and you combine them flawlessly!! Our guests raved about you and your farm!

Kelly Riddle

The butterflies were enchanting. I especially liked the individual release monarchs. The packaging was beautiful and it made a wonderful reflection on our loved ones who have passed on, as we released one as each name was read. I will send you some pictures soon. I was really impressed with the boxes too. They were beautiful and clearly you put a lot of thought into selecting ones that matched our decor. Thank you so much Nora!! Nobody quite understood what I had envisioned, but everyone was touched and thought it was beautiful when implemented. More soon! :)

The Mills

Thank you for making Courtney's dream come true; she has talked for years about this. The butterflies were absolutely beautiful. We can't wait to see pictures. Thanks for dropping them off personally. We would love to see your farm in the future. Since we live in Winston Salem, we are only minutes from you! It made a perfect day even more special. Thank you....Sincerely, The Mills Family

Bob and Sharon Wilson

Nora,  Thank you so much for personally transporting our beautiful butterflies to Wilmington for the wedding.  They were beautiful and when John and Casie opened the boxes, the butterflies didn’t want to leave, they just kind of hung around.  Down at the reception by the river, we had butterflies all evening.  They hung around the flowers.  They were a source of beauty and joy the whole evening. Thank you so much!

Eugene Broome

This is a beautiful addition to any wedding, anniversary, birthday graduation whatever it was so wonderful and awesome to see the release at my daughters wedding.


Nora, Wow how beautiful your butterflies were. The boxes prepared for the release were so elegant and fit the decor perfectly. The butterflies came out so wonderfully. One landed on the Grooms shoulder and remained there for some time. The photographer got pics of that and of others that flew on the flowers around the area.

Kim Devanney

I wanted to tell you that your butterfly farm is genius, and my daughter Zoe and her friends had an awesome time at her birthday party. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate her big day at your farm!

John Koontz

After searching many local nurseries for milkweed I stumbled upon your farm. I was thrilled to learn that you not only sell milkweed, but a variety of other nectar plants for my butterflies and bees. I put all of my plants in the ground last week, they are happy & thriving. I can't wait for my wild monarchs to see them! Thank you for helping the pollinators!

Gloria Adams

Thanks so much for the beautiful butterflies we were able to purchase for my Mother's memorial service last Friday. Each of the grandchildren and great grandchildren released a butterfly. One of the butterflies landed on a flower placed on her urn and stayed there. Brought a tear to everyone's eyes. Thanks for having such a wonderful farm!