More About the Coordinates for Conservation Program:

Coordinates for conservation is a crucial part of All-A-Flutter Farms “Meadows for Monarchs” initiative. Our mission is to allow anyone across America to join us in helping restore habitat for the nearly endangered Monarch butterfly. No matter which option you choose you are teaming up with All-A-Flutter to take REAL action in planting vital host plants back into the Monarch’s habitat - with a Milkweed plant that YOU provided! Plus, every option includes a packet of Milkweed seeds for you to plant in your own backyard. Our staff scout & identify the best areas for native Milkweed to thrive, we focus on areas where deforestation and development have already occurred. Staff plant the Milkweed as close as possible to these negatively impacted areas. We then record the GPS coordinates onto your certificate, you can easily enter the coordinates into Google Earth and get a satellite view of the exact location your plant LIVES! Help us restore habitat across the East Coast with the click of a button! The future of the Monarch population is depending on you! Join us today! Check out the shop below, all items are meant to promote the Education | Conservation | Habitat Restoration of the Monarch Butterfly & all our beloved pollinators!

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