How are the Butterflies Shipped?

After they are fed and exercised, the butterflies are put in to individual envelopes and carefully packaged. An ice pack is taped to the bottom of the container and covered with a false bottom. The coolness from the ice pack puts the butterflies to “sleep”.

The butterflies are then ready to be picked up (if you are local), or they can be shipped via FedEx priority overnight. If you are having the butterflies shipped, make sure someone is home to receive the package.

Will any Die?

Only fresh, young butterflies will be packaged for release. The butterflies are carefully packaged for their safety. If you follow the directions included in the container you shouldn’t have a problem with losing any butterflies. The butterflies are kept cool, in a restful state while packaged. While in transit the coolness reduces their metabolic state so they are not stressed or hurt at all.

How Do I Care for Them?

Immediately put the box in a cool, dark place (like a closet shelf or basement). Make sure the container is NOT in direct sunlight, but, not too cold either. Typically, a closet is a cool, quite place for them.

Don’t unwrap them or disturb them yet. You may hear scratching noises, this is the sound of their feet wiggling inside the envelopes. DO NOT WORRY they are not in distress.

One hour before your scheduled release, take the release box or envelopes out of the cooler and let sit at room temperature. Taking the release box(s) out of the cooler will allow the butterflies to “wake up”.

After the butterflies have spent one hour at room temperature, take them outside and let them fly!

Photographing Butterflies

If you want a butterfly or two, simply for pictures let us know. We will package those butterflies separately for you.These butterflies should be taken out of the cooler immediately prior to use (at this point the butterfly is still sleeping). Position the butterfly quickly, you have approximately 30-60 seconds before the butterfly wakes up and flies away.