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*SOLD OUT for 2021, check back Fall 2022*

Ensure the future of the declining Monarch population by sponsoring a tagged Monarch butterfly! Each Fall the farm tags & releases Monarchs for their journey to Mexico. Tagging monarchs provides vital information for entomologist to help ensure the future of the population. Eastern Monarchs have declined over 80% in the last 20 years, facing wildlife extinction if we don’t act! Your sponsorship fee of $15.00 enables the farm to tag & release another Monarch this Fall. Each purchase will include a Certificate of Sponsorship & a packet of Perennial Milkweed seeds – your Monarch will be released at the farm by a staff member no later than October-22, ensuring adequate time for their journey to Mexico. Check your Monarch’s migration progress by using the tag number on your Certificate of Sponsorship!

**Items are mailed via USPS, local farm pick up isn’t an option for this item.